Deborah and Lisa both went above and beyond to help us find a home and then even more so to help us complete the purchase.  You walked us through every step of the process and gave us honest input and opinions, not the stock responses that you would hear from someone who isn't invested in their buyers.  You were bummed when we missed out on a house we wanted and got excited with us when our offer was accepted.  You and Lisa both worked WAY outside of normal business hours to make sure we had the best shot at getting what we wanted and needed.  You called to check in on our progress while you were out of town on vacation and dealing with your own family emergency.  Lisa even fed our baby so we could finish looking at the 8th house of the day when we took too long.  I couldn't be happier with our experience and would recommend you guys to any and everyone looking to by a house, especially first time buyers. We would not be in our house right now if it weren't for you guys. 

Jacob & Sara Pind,